Posted on March 29, 2011



2011 will see your karma in your control after many years. The year 2011 will be a blend of hard work, continuous pressure to deliver and rewards in the form of overall gains and growth.
The year begins on a note of hard work and simultaneous pressure from seniors in your professional life. You will also feel the influence of people holding power in other areas of life. This year you must ensure to stand beside law as you are likely to get tempted to break the rules at times. Remember, that till the time you remain transparent in your deals, you will grow and benefit at a rapid pace. There is also a possibility of changing your career location. Beyond 15th November 2011, you will be richly rewarded for all the efforts you make this time.
Family matters will be on your priority list till 7th May 2011. This is the time when you will feel a sense of bonding with both your family and community. If you have planned any real estate purchases they are likely to materialize before May 2011.

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