Top 10 Mysteries of Outer Space

Posted on April 24, 2011


Since the beginning of life, man has looked tothe stars with a sense of wonder. Between then and now, many advances have beenmade in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, and physics in an attempt toexplain the things we see above, yet the more we believe we understand, theless we really seem to know. In something as big as the universe, there arebound to be unexplainable phenomena, and things we truly can’t grasp. Theuniverse shows us how small we really are, and in a place so big, is it reallyplausible to believe that we are alone? And is there any reason someone mightnot want us to know? This is a list of what I believe to be some of the bestmysteries and conspiracy theories of outer space.

Simulacrum inEagle Nebula

One of the strangest photos that has ever beentaken of space is that of the Eagle Nebula. The photo itself is supposed toshow the birth of a star from the gaseous clouds. However, when the photo wasshown on CNN, hundreds of calls came in from people reporting they could see aface in the cloud. When the color of the photo was adjusted, a large human formseemed to appear within the cloud. Scientist have not been able to explain thisphenomena (though listverse very possible has on this list –see item 1). Youcan read more about it here.

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