The Amazing Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Posted on July 10, 2011


In the Babylonian literature, there were no historical records about the parks dependent, and highly descriptive statements derived from the Greek historian. In the slabs of clay that comes from the period of Nebuchadnezzar, descriptions of his palace, the city of Babylon and the tower of  babel were found, but none of the references are found on the garden depends.

Some historians believe that the legend of the garden only mixed stories about hanging gardens of babylon and palm trees at Mesopotamia, the palace of Nebuchadnezzar, the Tower of Babel, and ziggurats told by Alexander’s soldiers when they returned to his hometown.

In this century, some structures that are part of the park are expected to depend discovered. Archeologists are collecting evidence to reach conclusions about the location of the hanging gardens of babylon, irrigation system, and the original form.

Sources from the Greeks said that the hanging gardens of babylon depends shaped quadrangular, each side of length 4 plethora, consists of arched vaults at the foundation. This hanging gardens of babylon has plants cultivated above ground level, and the roots of these plants on the patio attached to the top, not inside the earth. The whole mass is supported by rock. Water is pumped up and allowed to flow down the slope, water the plants.

Latest Archaeology Excavation managed to find the foundations of the tower of babel Nebuchadnezzar. Other findings that support the hanging gardens of babylon depends included under the building with thick tower of babel and irrigation near the southern palace.

A group of archeologist did a survey in the southern palace and reconstructed under the building as a hanging gardens of babylon depends. Greek historian, Strobe, said that the park is situated on the river Euphrates dependent.

Others argue that its location is very far from the river Euphrates on the basis of findings from under the building which is located a few hundred yards of river.

The palace has been reconstructed and is expected to depend hanging gardens of babylon is located in the area that stretches from the river to the palace. Massive tower of babel, 25 feet thick was recently discovered on the riverbank, which may be a step to form the core is described in Greek references.

Until now, the legend of the hanging gardens of babylon Depending still can not ascertain the truth and still not be said too that only a mere fairy tale. Archeologist still was trying to find evidence of relic Nebuchadnezzar.

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